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The UltraFlex DUO system is Vileda Professional’s efficient new mopping system. In comparison to regular mops, the UltraFlex DUO can be used double-sided, resulting in a more time efficient floor cleaning. 

Improve efficiency by switching to the new double-sided, easy to use UltraFlex DUO. The easy to implement and flexible mopping system brings increased efficiency, hygiene and ROI to all areas of your business.

Unbeatable performance thanks to the power of two

The UltraFlex DUO system outperforms single sided mops in all areas and offers a broad range of benefits:

  • Wide range of microfibre mops
  • High-performance cleaning
  • Easy handling – no staff training needed
  • Suitable for all levels of hygiene 
  • All types of flooring

The speed of two

Thanks to the UltraFlex DUO system – cleaning has never been less time-consuming. Due to the double sided, mop you can clean up to 40 m² before having to change or wring it. This equals twice the distance of a single sided system. Furthermore, the UltraFlex DUO can ideally be used as a pre-prepared system in hygiene sensitive areas like patient rooms in hospitals or alternatively alongside a press in high traffic areas like canteens.

The hygiene of two

Pioneered by Vileda Professional and updated to meet the latest Nordic Swan ecological standards, all mops of the UltraFlex DUO system are all certified to remove up to 99.99% of virus and bacteria from floor surfaces. Thanks to the microfibre cleaning performance of the mops, even stubborn dirt and stains will be removed efficiently.

The mops are high in durability and machine washable, making them suitable to be used up to 500 times. Products like the UltraFlex Duo LoopMax and the UltraFlex Duo MicroMax are available with an additional fringe which makes it easy to pick up loose dirt.

The flexibility of two

Thanks to the flexible and wide range of mops, you can choose the product which suits your individual needs, floor type and hygiene level the best. UltraFlex DUO mops can be pre-prepared in every mop box, which reduces your expenses on a new trolley.

The impact of two

Due to the reduced complexity of the system, there is no need to train your staff in the handling of the UltraFlex DUO – it can be used with all cleaning methods. Besides, the system can be easily implemented onto your existing trolleys, making it an excellent investment since only the frames and the mops are needed to be purchased. 

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